About Us

Dansea Construction Products

D.C.P. have Protecta Panel. Australia’s premier protection barrier, keeping people safe and away from harm. Designed by Dansea Construction Products primarily for hire. Now Cyclone rated.

D.C.P. have expert people available for installation and return to depot, to make things cleaner and quicker.

D.C.P. have Oz guard specifically designed  for high rise or elevated platforms as well heavy duty bridge protection. Oz guard with its split panel is the only curtain wall edge protection. Compliant with Aust. scaffold code.

D.C.P. have Pit hole covers. Pit hole covers are the most secure way to ensure little feet don’t fall into or down holes in the ground. These covers have been accepted by local power authorities to have the best and proven protection.

Major Construction companies, councils and events organizers use D.C.P.

May your project be injury free.